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A Rarer Gift Than Gold

This book takes everything you think you know about alchemy and turns it on its head.


There Was A Secret Society Before The Illuminati ….

Abigail Argent stands out: some admire her lean figure and beautiful dark eyes, others notice that she always wears gloves and shudder when they know why. The ones that know her best notice her ability with metal.

Her particular skill lies in the colouring of sculpture. She has a gift for seeing the beauty in a plain piece of metal and being able to draw it out. With a background in chemistry, Abigail’s knowledge of her craft is academic as well as practical, which is how she makes a chance discovery of a link between her own craft and that of her favourite childhood myth: the ancient art of alchemy. 

But danger is lurking where the worlds of art and myth collide.

And Abigail piques the interest of one of the world’s oldest secret societies.

Set in Venice and Florence, Abigail must draw on all her practical knowhow to keep herself alive, but what will she learn from The Golden Illuminati?

If you like a conspiracy theory that walks the line between myth and science, you’ll love A Rarer Gift Than Gold.

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